We provide consulting services for all the aspects of Information Technology Management Services for Small to Medium Business (SMB).

Technical Support

Programming & Development

Shyam Consulting can provide programming services on almost any legacy languages:

            RPGII,   RPGIII, RPGIV, OCL & C/L

System Administration

 Being robust & integrated system, IBM i–Series (AS/400) don’t need any specific staff for small machines.

  We can provide part time services on system administration or maintenance jobs. Such as create commands for Backups, cleaning of Spool          Files, Libraries & objects maintenance.

   Provide you remote support on systems issues.

System Integration

System Integration services, include suite of technical services such as Business Analysis of your business operations, System Analysis of your current Applications, problem analysis and business case study and provide complete system development services.

With extensive experience of iSeries (AS/400) architecture & technology, we can provide interfaces to other systems.

Provide modern functionalities to existing legacy systems. Such as:

Automated File or report transfer (FTP) from iSeries (AS/400) to PC Server.

Send report by e-mail from iSeries (AS/400)

ERP Support.

We provide functionality and development support for BPCS (by Infor) ERP package on various versions, from V4.5CD, V6 & V8.2.

Speciality includes development support in AS/SET.

Mixed Mode Development.

Along with our long term associates, who are expert in Window based developments such as VB or .NET etc, we can provide combined solution to best suit your requirements.